Tashkent TV Tower

Tashkent TV Tower is a television and radio broadcasting city building, which is also an architectural monument of Uzbekistan. Initially, this television tower was supposed to be built in the capital of Iraq – Baghdad, whose prime minister, Karim Kassem, even commissioned a special construction project. But then a military coup took place in the […]

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Chorsu Bazaar

Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent is one of the largest markets in the country and throughout Central Asia, known since the Middle Ages and of great importance for the Great Silk Road along with another major market in Tashkent - Alai Bazaar. The name of the market is translated from the Persian language as “four roads” [...]
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Museum of applied arts tashkent

The Museum of Applied Arts Tashkent dates back to 1927. Uzbekistan artists started to exhibit their works on this date for the first time. The venue originally chosen for the exhibition was located in the palace built for a Russian diplomat in the 19th century. In these early periods when artworks were exhibited, the museum […]

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ABOUT THE MADRASAH In the Middle Ages, the hot and arid Central Asia was a real oasis in which science and culture flourished. Being smart, versed in art and theology – this is the gentleman’s set of a successful young Uzbek man of that time. Due to the lack of universities in medieval Tashkent (in […]

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