The Hazrati Imam complex with its architectural complex looks atmospheric in the east, especially at night: thanks to the illumination, the whole complex resembles a soaring mirage of a fairy-tale city from ancient Middle Eastern fairy tales. The well-designed landscape also adds beauty: neat lawns, flower beds, shrubs. Storks walk around the territory.

You can view the Hazrati Imam complex in Tashkent from the outside for free. Inside some rooms, you can also enter freely. For a free – inspection of the oldest Koran in the world ($ 2).

The Hazrati Imam complex (Khast Imam, Khazret Imam) is located in the capital of Uzbekistan, at the grave of the Tashkent imam Khazrati. The scholar was one of the first religious preachers in the city. According to historical traditions, the Hazrati Imam spoke more than 70 languages ​​and completed the translation of the Old Testament into Arabic.

Hazrati Imam Complex

The architecture of Hazrat Imam Complex

The Hazrati Imam ensemble is a complex that combines ancient religious buildings with modern ones. The total area of ​​the complex is 2 hectares. The architectural ensemble includes:

Hazrat Imam Cathedral Mosque. This is a new part of the ensemble. The mosque was built in 2007, the initiator of the project was the country’s president, Islam Karimov. The mosque has 2 minarets of 53 meters in height each and 2 domes. Inside the domes are covered with gold leaf. The vaulted hall at the entrance is decorated with sandalwood columns. Through specially designed windows, light enters the mosque all day long.

Mausoleum of Hazrati Imam. The tomb was erected in the 16th century. The main building material is burnt tile brick. The mausoleum has a rectangular shape and a large dome of blue color. The walls on the outside are decorated with majolica. Inside, the tomb looks like a Sufi monastery – in addition to the tomb, there are cells and a room for prayers. The Mausoleum of Hazrati Imam is an internationally revered Islamic shrine.

Madrasah Muyi Mubarak. The educational institution was built in the XVI century. Here is kept the shrine of the Muslim world – the hair of the prophet Muhammad. Now in the madrasah is the country’s main religious library and museum. The library stockpiles valuable copies of the scriptures. Among them is the Quran of Uthman, the oldest manuscript of the Quran in the world (644–648). The uniqueness of this Quran is confirmed by UNESCO. The manuscript, originally located in Medina, but then taken to Damascus and further to Baghdad, was obtained by Tamerlan and brought to Samarkand. In the middle of the XIX century, he was taken to St. Petersburg for examination. Then they transferred to Ufa and further to Tashkent.

Madrasah of Barak Khan. The date of construction of the madrasah is 1531-1532. The educational institution was erected by the decree of Nauruz-Akhmet Khan (grandson of the legendary Ulugbek). In the internal premises, there are 2 mausoleums: one is Bezymyanny, and in the second lies Suyunchhodzhan Khan (the first ruler of the city, descending from the Sheybanid dynasty). The doors of the cells inside the madrasah are noteworthy – ivory and various precious stones act as decorative elements.

Namazgoh Mosque. It was erected in the middle of the XIX century. For a long time, the mosque was the place where holiday prayers were held. In the revolutionary period, the temple was destroyed and looted. Restoration of the building took up only in the 70s. Soon, the Islamic Institute was opened here.

Cathedral Mosque “Tilla Shaykh.” The mosque was built in the XIX century at the expense of one of the richest residents of the Uzbek capital, whose name it received. Inside the mosque consists of two parts, in each of which there are niches for prayers.

The building of the Spiritual Administration of Muslims throughout Uzbekistan. The building was erected by craftsmen in 2007. The building is a worker, here is the state committee for religious affairs.

Hazrati Imam Complex

How to get to the Hazrati Imam complex in Tashkent

The Khast Imam complex is located in the ancient Tashkent district of Sibzar. A visit to this place is interesting not only because of visiting the Khast-Imam ensemble – the area is very colorful: old mud houses, narrow alleys.

By car from the city center you need to move along Karasarayskaya street. Near the complex, there is a stop of public transport “Khast Imam Mosque”, which can be reached by buses No. 42, 43, 109, 111.

A little further, at a distance of 5-7 minutes on foot, is the stop “Karasarayskaya”, to which bus number 5 and minibus number 34 run.

  • Opening Hours: Every day from 09:00 to 21:00. Koran Museum: daily from 9:00 to 17:00, lunch – from 12:00 to 13:00; from March 1 to June 30 and from August 1 to November 30 on Saturdays and Sundays the museum works from 9:00 to 16:00.
  • Entrance tickets: 2 USD
  • Adreess: Karasaraiskaya street, Almazar district.

Panoramic view of the Hazrat Imam complex in Tashkent