The Museum of Applied Arts Tashkent dates back to 1927. Uzbekistan artists started to exhibit their works on this date for the first time. The venue originally chosen for the exhibition was located in the palace built for a Russian diplomat in the 19th century. In these early periods when artworks were exhibited, the museum was called the Handicraft Museum. The museum, which gained an official status by the state in 1997, was renamed the Museum of Applied Art. In the Museum of Applied Arts, embroidery, handmade jewelry, carpets, and rugs are woven by traditional methods are exhibited. It is possible to observe how the methods of workmanship have changed in the collections in the museum from the beginning of the 19th century to the present day. More than 7,000 artworks are on display at the Museum of Applied Arts Tashkent.

museum of applied arts tashkent

 Museum of Applied Arts Tashkent

The basics of the museum’s collection are works created in the Soviet period. Visitors can see ceramic products – ceramic vases, dinner sets, vessels, and other works of recognized republican centers. Porcelain products amaze with their ornaments, the craftsmanship of artists who are often used in their work.

Manual embroidery also does not leave indifferent many visitors to the museum, it is also notable for the variety of performance techniques because almost every region has its own unique style of embroidery. The exposition presents samples of wood carvings, here you can see carved doors and columns, furniture, caskets, dishes, decorated with this type of decorative art. Ladies should be especially interested in jewelry – head, breast, shoulder, jewelry for hair, as well as rings and bracelets.

The collection is decorated with gold embroidery, musical instruments, lacquer miniatures and wood paintings, crystal and glass, carpets and rugs, skullcaps, and national clothing.

Periodically, performances by the national dance group and a demonstration of traditional clothing are held for visitors. In the courtyard of the museum are souvenir shops where you can buy a variety of applied art products in memory of a visit to this distinctive country.

Tourists from many countries recognize the popularity of products of folk artisans of Uzbekistan because each thing is unique in its own way. There are no indifferent people to the wonderful objects of human creation. Products of decorative and applied art of Uzbek craftsmen contribute to the treasury of the traditional culture of not only their country but also of the world’s cultural heritage. The original Bukhara carpet or national silk fabric represents the original spirit of these eastern lands. And woodwork and ceramic products, chasing and jewelry carry the warmth of the hands of their creators and their aesthetic ideas about the beautiful.

museum of applied arts building

How to get to the Museum of Applied arts Tashkent

You can get to the museum by public transport – there is a Choreography School stop next to it, a bus number 140 and a minibus number 67 m passing here. You can also take the metro to the Cosmonauts station, about 700 meters from it to the museum.

  • OPENING HOURS: You can visit the Museum of Applied arts Tashkent between 09.00-21.00 every day of the week.
  • ENTRANCE: The entrance fee of the museum is 6500 Som.