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There are many places to visit in Tashkent and many activities to do. Tashkent is one of the regions that have been chosen as a campus throughout history. As a result of this, there are many historical buildings in the city. There are dazzling mosques, madrasahs with original architecture and sculptures of historical people in the city. In addition to historical buildings, it attracts tourists with its lush green parks and lively streets. Art, history, and science are very important in Tashkent. There are museums, art galleries, concert halls all over the city.

Tashkent is the capital and largest city of Uzbekistan. Located in the east of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is one of the largest cities in Central Asia in terms of population. With a population of approximately 3 million, Tashkent was the 4th largest city in the former soviets union as well.

Tashkent, located on the Silk Road, the most important trade route in history, is a very old settlement area.

In 1966, there was a big earthquake and most of the city was destroyed. After this devastating earthquake, rapid renovation works were initiated in the city. Successful in urban planning, Tashkent quickly gained a modern look.

In Tashkent, modern and aesthetic buildings are found side by side with buildings that contain traces of the Soviet period and have been destroyed. Construction work in the city is still ongoing, and new buildings, parks, congress halls are being built. In Tashkent, which has a long history, the settlement dates back to the years before Christ. The first settlement traced in the region is called “Ming Uruk- Bin Erik”. The date of this settlement is the 2nd century BC. Tashkent continued to be preferred by many states as a residential area after this date.

While under the reign of Timur, it became one of the most important centres of the Timur Empire. Captured by the Bukhara Khanate in the 16th century, Tashkent experienced multiple administrative changes in a short time. It was ruled by Kazakh and Kalmyks in the 17th and 18th centuries and was attached to the Hokand Khanate at the beginning of the 19th century.

Russian Empire captured it in 1865, which would cause important events in the city’s history. The headquarters of the Turkestan General Governorship of Russia was built. Thanks to the Tashkent-Orenburg railway, which was launched in 1899, Tashkent has become the most important trade transit point in Central Asia. It entered Soviet rule in 1917. Tashkent became the capital of the Turkestan Soviet Socialist Republic in 1918. Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist in 1924

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union on September 1, 1991, Uzbekistan declared its independence. Tashkent was chosen as the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Tashkent is a city that satisfies its visitors with its unique architectural-historical buildings, museums with rich collections, valuable cultural activities. During your trip to Tashkent, you can visit Abdul Kasım Madrassah and watch the traditional Uzbek art performed by young generations, if you wish, you can buy handcrafted items. Kukeldash Madrassah is one of the most important madrasahs in Tashkent and is a structure that survives major earthquakes. Barak Han Madrasa is one of the first structures that come to mind when it comes to Tashkent and is a structure that managed to attract people with its blue domes. Amir Timur Square is the square bearing the name of the leader, which has an important place in the history of Uzbek, and the heart of Tashkent, the Amir Timur Museum, located right next to the square, is a historical museum where the events and works from that period are exhibited. The Tashkent TV Tower is the ideal place to visit in Tashkent allowing you to watch the magnificent view of Tashkent from a bird’s eye view.

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It is located in the east of Uzbekistan. Tashkent, the largest city in Central Asia in terms of population, is the fourth largest city in the former Soviet Republics after Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and Kyiv. After the devastating earthquake in 1966, the city was largely rebuilt.
Samsa: It is a type of pie similar to sawdust pastry. Uzbek Pilaf: It is a mixed type of rice with raisins, carrots, and meat. Şaşlık: Chicken is a dish similar to our kebab like ground beef. ... Uzbek ravioli: In the doughs that are made of hand-made dough, add the minced meat. Desert melon. Green tea. Çakçak dessert.

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