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Samarkand, the city of Uzbekistan in Central Asia, has been an important city throughout history since it is located on the Silk Road. This conception of trade continues as it is an important industrial city.

Located in the southern part of Uzbekistan, Samarkand is in the Zeravshan Valley. Tajikistan is located in the east, Nevai in the northwest and west, Cizzak in the northeast, and the cities of Kashkaderya in the south.

Samarkand, the oldest and third largest city of the country, was dominated by many cultures such as Genghis Khan or Abbasids and became the capital of the Timur Empire in the 14th century. From this period, important and historical buildings such as the Bibi Hamim Mosque in the city center and the monumental tomb of Timur, Gur Emir still adorn the city.
Traces of the past continue not only in historical buildings but also in traditions. Embroidery, gold embroidery, silk weaving, copper embroidery, ceramic art, carving, and painting on the wood are still important traditions. The city was included in the world heritage list by UNESCO in 2001. Since the official language of the country is Uzbek, Semerkand’s official language is Uzbek. However, according to many sources, many people speak Persian with the influence of Tajiks, which are present in the country. Apart from this, Karakalpakça, Russian, Kazakh, and Tatar are also spoken under the influence of ethnic groups located in the country.

What is the best time to go to Samarkand?

In Samarkand, which is located in Central Asia, generally warm and sunny and sometimes windy weather is dominant. In the city, where winters are not too harsh, the summer is hot and dry. While the temperature rises up to 34 degrees in July, the lowest temperature in winter is -4 degrees. April-May or September-October are preferred to go to Samarkand, as its not seaside city.


If you are about to visit Samarkand these are some of the best things to do in Samarkand.


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