Located in Amir Timur Square, Amir Timur Museum was opened in 1996. Having gained its independence in 1991, Uzbekistan aspired to transfer the cultural, scientific, and successful leaders that have taken place in its history to new generations. As a result of this idea, it was decided to build a museum on behalf of Amir Timur Han, who played a big role in the history of Uzbekistan and was regarded as a strong and fair leader who managed to hold the country together. Emir Timur Han, known for his political and military identity, as well as his education and arts, is known as the Timur Renaissance.

The year of Amir Timur, 1996, which is the 660th anniversary of the foundation of Uzbekistan, was declared and the museum was opened. In the museum, various historical artifacts such as Emir Timur Han’s pedigree, documents from the time he came to power, remains of diplomatic and commercial relations, maps, weapons, copper, and silver coins are exhibited. In addition, there is also a collection of works of art such as valuable miniatures, rare manuscripts, hand-crafted jewelry. In a section of the museum Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Georgia, are on display gifts from states such as Turkey.

interior of amir timur museum

The architecture of Amir Timur Museum

The blue dome of the museum brings back memories of the Gur Emir mausoleum in Samarkand. Although the museum was erected according to the traditions of medieval architecture, it meets all modern requirements.

The museum building itself is a rounded structure with a standard dome in oriental style. The museum occupies 3 floors – all but the first tell the story of the Timurids. The interior of the museum is decorated with marble and painting, columns and miniatures, as well as gold, which was used for decoration more than 20 kilograms. Murals are painted on the walls of the halls that show the life of Amir Temur. The museum also has a crystal chandelier 8.5 meters high, consisting of 106 thousand pendants.

The museum’s collection includes ancient manuscripts, paintings, and engravings of the Timurid era. The museum also houses the 14th-century Quran from Syria. The military career of Amir Timur is depicted in a solemn manner. In the gardens surrounding the museum, there is a statue of Timur on horseback and several famous fountains.

amir timur museum

How to get there

by car – 10 minutes from the railway station, 15 minutes from the airport; 5 minutes walk from the station. Amir Temur Hieboni metro station.

  • Opening Hours: Every day between 09.00-05.00, except Mondays, and between 09.00-00.00 on Sunday.
  • Entrance: 6000 Uzbek som= 0.60 United States Dollar.  If you need to take a picture it will cost extra 
  • Address: Tashkent, Amir Timur Ave., 1.