Amir Timur Square, one of the most important squares of Tashkent, is a place that has witnessed many important moments since 1882. Located in the heart of the city, this square is famous for the important buildings around it and Amir Timur in the middle. We suggest you explore Amir Timur Square and its surroundings during your Tashkent holiday.

Square is one of Tashkent’s favorite vacation spots, regardless of age. Not far from it are a cinema and entertainment centers, which plays an important role in the constant popularity of this place. From here, roads lead to all parts of the city, which makes the square the most relevant meeting place. The history of modern Tashkent is inextricably linked with its center.

Amir Temur Square is rightfully the center of the city, at the base of which stands the great ancestor – Amir Temur, an outstanding politician and commander of the Middle Ages, who created a huge unified empire stretching from the Caucasus to China and from Siberia to India, which lasted 200 years in XIV-XV centuries The majestic pose of the horseman and his outstretched hand symbolizes patronage, a promise of peace and prosperity. The inscription on the pedestal in four languages ​​reads: “Strength in justice.”

Previously, this square was used for military crossings. At that time, the statue of Kaufmann, the governor of the city, was placed. After the Bolshevik Revolution, the statue of the governor was removed and replaced by Lenin’s statue. Every time the political power changes, the statue in the square has also been changed. After the Statues of Stalin and Marx, the Statue of Emir Timur was finally erected. There are various shops, markets, banks around the square. In addition, a university building, Amir Timur Museum, Forum Palace and Clock Tower are the structures around the square.

amir timur square

Reconstructions and renaming of Amir Timur Square


It is not possible to go to Tashkent and not visit Amir Timur Square.  Square, located in the middle of the city, From here to the eight main streets of the city. It was called Konstantinovsky. The square has existed since 1882. The initiator was M. G. Chernyaev. But in 1993, after the construction of monuments to the centre of Amir Timur Square, it began to be called a square. The monument was inaugurated on August 31, 1993. In Tashkent, all roads lead to Square, the heart of the city. In the middle of the square is the great Amir presented in royal armor decorated with orders and sitting on a galloping horse. The Amir Timur Statue was made of bronze by the famous Sculptor İlkhom Jabbarov.

amir timur square

How to get there

Amir Temur Square is located in such a way that Tashkent streets diverge from it in all directions, and it also serves as the intersection of two ancient city arteries – Moscow and Kaufman Avenues. In ancient times, caravan routes ran along these streets. On the site of Moskovsky Prospekt (now – Amir Temur St.), there was a section of the Great Silk Road to Kashgar and further to China. And Kaufmansky Prospekt (now it is Sailgokh Street) runs along the old caravan road to Kokand.

Amir Temur Square is located in the very center of Tashkent, so there are many public transports stops around it.

You can get here on bus routes No. 19, 38, 51, 67, 85, 93, and get off at the stop “Tashkent City Administration” or “Hotel Uzbekistan”.

Amir Temur Square can also be reached by the metro to the station of the same name. The schedule of all types of transport can be found on the profile site of Tashkent.

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