Sayilgoh Street in Tashkent is known under a more romantic name - Broadway. Residents and tourists come here to relax: green spaces, fountains, and panoramas of the capital create an authentic atmosphere. A feature of Broadway street Tashkent is a colorful combination of quiet corners for relaxation with modern entertainment: a shopping center, a cinema, [...]
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Independence Square Tashkent

Independence Square Tashkent (in Uzbek “Mustakillik Maidoni”) is the main square of Uzbekistan, which is located in the heart of city, the capital of this Central Asian country. Citizens often gather here to celebrate public holidays, on weekdays and weekends you can see the newlyweds, and in general, there are always a lot of people […]

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Amir Timur Square

Amir Timur Square, one of the most important squares of Tashkent, is a place that has witnessed many important moments since 1882. Located in the heart of the city, this square is famous for the important buildings around it and Amir Timur in the middle. We suggest you explore Amir Timur Square and its surroundings [...]
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