Sayilgoh Street in Tashkent is known under a more romantic name – Broadway. Residents and tourists come here to relax: green spaces, fountains, and panoramas of the capital create an authentic atmosphere. A feature of Broadway street Tashkent is a colorful combination of quiet corners for relaxation with modern entertainment: a shopping center, a cinema, shops, and restaurants serving national cuisine. But Sayilgokh is known not only for this. Along a tourist street, rows of artists and craftsmen stretch. They offer travelers handmade souvenirs. Particularly popular are paintings, turban, skullcap, and shoes with wooden soles.

What is remarkable

Broadway street Tashkent is one of the most famous tourist streets in Tashkent. It is closed to traffic, so locals and visitors alike love to stroll here. On both sides of Sayilgokha are concentrated shops and cafes. In the first, you can purchase anything from books to clay figurines.

Secondly – a snack after a fascinating tour of Tashkent. The highlight of Broadway is the merchants who, in the warm season, line up along the street and layout the goods directly on the asphalt. Most often they sell what they do with their own hands from clay, ceramics, semiprecious stones, etc. An impressive part of the street “exhibition” falls on artists who not only offer to buy one of their paintings but also draw tourists directly from nature. Often, street musicians and artists gather on Sayilgokh Street to entertain others with vivid performances. Fans of board games also come here. With them, you can play a game of chess or checkers.

If you prefer outdoor activities, pay attention to local cyclists. For a moderate fee, they will show you all the attractions of Broadway and its environs. In addition, this is a great opportunity to combine leisure and sport.

broadway street in tashkent

The infrastructure of Broadway street Tashkent

The length of the street is 635 m. It originates from the Amir Temur square extends in a northwest direction to the building of the National Security Service.

It is recommended to start a walk along the street from the famous square. The landmark is the three-story building of the Law University. Turning his back to him, tourists can see the snow-white dome of the Palace of International Forums.

On the right side of Sayilgokh is a park area. On its territory, there are numerous fountains and benches for relaxing, cozy cafes, and trailers with street food are dispersed. In the distance from them are government buildings – the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Reception House.

The opposite side of Broadway is dotted mainly with bars: Broadway Lounge, FM, Czech, Agat, etc. There are also boutiques and Zarafshan shopping center here.

In summer, Gastro Bazaar gastronomic festival takes place on Sayilgokh Street. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the cuisines of the world and enjoy the national dishes of Uzbekistan. Festival participants are not only independent chefs, but also chains of cafes, restaurants, and catering establishments.

broadway street tashkent

How to get there Broadway street Tashkent

Tashkent Broadway partially crosses the Yunusabad region. You can get to the street in the following ways:

  • To the stop “Exhibition Hall” on buses No. 13, 30, 37, 51, 57, 67, 97, 140, and 190a; minibuses number 62, 67 and 136. You have to go along the Sharaf Rashidov highway in the direction of the State Museum of the History of Uzbekistan and then turn onto Matbuitcilar street. After 160 m, on the left side, you will see a turn onto Buyuk Turon Street, which will lead you directly to Broadway.
  • To the stop “City Hokimiyat” by buses No. 1, 19, 21, 33, 38, 51, 60, 67, 71 and 85; minibus number 11 m. Transport stops near the square named after Amir Temur. You need to go to the ring and follow the diagonal towards Tashkent State Law University. Immediately behind its building is Sayilgokh Street.
  • To the stop “Central House of Officers” on buses No. 19, 37, 38, 51, 67, 71, 85, 93 and 96; minibus number 88. The path to Tashkent Broadway lies through Amir Temur Avenue, past the State Museum of Timurid History and the square near the ring. A tourist street will appear on the right side.
  • To the station “Mustakillik Square” or “Amir Temur” along the Chilanzar line. Walkabout 300 m to Matbuitcilar street and then turn onto Buyuk Turon. Broadway capital will appear after 135 m.

By private transport, the easiest way for tourists to get to the Square of Remembrance and Honors and go around it, having left on Sharaf Rashidov Avenue. After 695 meters, they should turn left and then left again. Tashkent Broadway appears on the right side of the road.

Google Panorama of Boadway Street