One of the newest religious buildings in Tashkent is the Minor Mosque. İt stands on the renewed embankment of the Ankor Canal, which has become very comfortable and convenient for hanging out. Although the mosque is not connected with historical events, has not overgrown with mysterious legends, it is worth a visit to admire the graceful beauty and delicacy of the interior. It is deservedly considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the capital of Uzbekistan. It is also worth taking a look at the mosque in the distance, from the shore of the Ankhor Canal – the snow-white building with a pale blue dome looks incredibly majestic and at the same time fragile, like a mirage in the desert.

The entrance for tourists is free. But it must be remembered that the appearance must correspond to the religiosity of the place because the mosque is functioning. Legs and shoulders should be covered, women are given shawls at the entrance. The courtyard is available for free access, but only men are allowed into the mosque itself. For women, there is a small, fenced-in, room. In summer, it is better to plan a visit to the mosque for the evening, because in the heat of the day there is nowhere to hide from the scorching sun – the area in front of the mosque is planted with a low shade that does not give shade; a small fountain on hot days does not give the expected freshness.

The start of construction was the decision of the President of the Republic of Islam Karimov at the state level. Construction started in the summer of 2013. A year later, on the eve of one of the most sacred holidays for the Muslim people, Kurban Bayram, on October 1, 2014, the head of the country solemnly opened the doors of the newly built Minor Mosque for the people of Uzbekistan.

Funds for the construction of the main mosque in the capital were allocated from the state budget of Uzbekistan and the Spiritual Administration of Uzbek Muslims. The mosque is equipped with the latest technology, proof of this is the separate bathing rooms, equipped with all amenities for believers.

minor mosque

The architecture of the Minor Mosque

The building of the Minor Mosque finished in white marble, is designed for a simultaneous stay of 2,400 people. This makes the Minor Mosque one of the largest Muslim centers in Uzbekistan. The construction is made in the Uzbek religious style, the azure-colored domes resemble the Registan in Samarkand. But modern materials used in the construction will not let you deceive – with the naked eye it is noticeable that the Minor Mosque is completely new. Inside, the mosque looks traditionally for the Central Asian temple: a mihrab (a niche in a Muslim temple that indicates the direction to Mecca) with lines from the Koran and quotes from the Prophet Muhammad, clay-gypsum walls with openwork carvings, frescoes. The local mihrab was created by an exact copy from Samarkand. In addition to the two-story prayer hall, the mosque building includes bathing rooms and terraces leading to the patio with carved wooden columns. The mosque is fully consistent with modern ideas about comfort – it is equipped with air conditioning and underfloor heating.

minor mosque night view

How to get to the Minor Mosque in Tashkent

Minor Mosque is located in the new part of Tashkent, next to the exhibition center of Uzbekistan, UzExpoCenter, and one of the most luxurious hotels in the city – Intercontinental. A small ring road leads to the mosque – by car, you can get from anywhere in Tashkent. From the center of the Uzbek capital, it is more convenient to move along Sharaf Rashidov Avenue and then turn onto the small ring road (to the left). Ample parking is available for tourists by car. Near the mosque, a modern walking area along the Anchor Canal is equipped. Fans of Uzbek culture can also visit the Minor Cemetery, located 6 minutes from the mosque. Many prominent figures of culture and science of Uzbekistan rest here.

The nearest metro station is Bodamzar. It is a 15-minute walk on Amir Temur Avenue.

The ground transportation stop is a little closer, about 5 minutes walk from the mosque. You can get to the Semashko Institute stop by bus number 10, 29, 85, 88.

Panoramic view of the mosque Minor and the square in front of it